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67 Kingdom Halls




The KHLink service will stop on Friday February 27th 2009.

We intend to maintain the site as a source of information for congregations in the UK


This email was sent to all congregations using KHLink..

Dear Brothers

After much heartfelt deliberation Martyn and I have come to the conclusion that we will have to close the current K H Link service. We are really sorry for the recent poor quality of service and we have done all we can to encourage the service provider to sort matters out. The service provider has sent us an email confirming that they will not be trying to solve the problems we face with the service. Reading between the lines we feel they have made this decision on a commercial basis, that is the money they get from us in monthly payments is not sufficient for them to invest time in supporting our service.

The current service will stop on Friday night February 27.

At this time we have no replacement service to offer and neither of us has the time to set up and run a completely independent service.

We are aware of a similar service offered by KHConf. We understand this is run by a brother in the United States on a commercial basis (i.e. it is his living). The costs are about the same although the contract is yearly.

There is also the Conference Genie service which would be a free call service for those with BT.

It is our intention to refund all monies paid to K H Link since November 1, 2008 depending on settlement with the service provider.

Any congregation that has paid any monies and not been given a telephone number will receive a full refund.

Since the payments to K H Link are by Standing Order it will be necessary for you to contact your bank and cancel the Standing Order, we are unable to do that for you.

Thank you for your patience and forbearance and for supporting K H Link.

Kind regards
John Nuttall